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OSHA30. -4hourScaffold. & -4hourFlagging Class in English & Español.

in Woodhaven, Borderline Queens & Brooklyn.



OSHA recommends Outreach Training Programs as an orientation to occupational safety and health for workers. Construction workers must receive additional training required by OSHA standards on specific hazards of the job. According to the New York City Building Department, EVERY CONSTRUCTION WORKER IN NEW YORK CITY MUST HAVE TAKEN OSHA30 SAFETY COURSE BY June 1st  2019 to avoid being removed from any construction site. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive an OSHA- 30 completion card that will satisfy this new requirement.

J train (85th & Forest Pkwy)

Take Our Osha30 class in English or Español. Our office is located in Woodhaven, border line between Queens and Brooklyn.


Osha30. $300 You can pay $100 to start the class and you have until the end of the class to pay the balance.

4hourScaffold. $130

4hourFlagging. $130

Discounts for groups. call to find out..

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